Tuesday, January 17, 2012

questions questions questions

evi is now curious where her daddy is hiding from her for so long, so she starts asking questions to probe mommy.

evi : mommy, who make this nice bathroom?
me : daddy did it
evi : mommy, who buy this thing?
me: daddy bought it

so last night when the 2 che ches were away in tuition, she was alone with mommy then she started asking again.

evi : mommy, where is daddy? where did daddy go? where is daddy, mommy? (many many times...repeatingly)

all i said was he is in heaven...

i was taken aback with her need to know, maybe this is the age of understanding or realisation. she has been saying daddy is in the office or working in the office, as she sees her mommy going and coming back from office, so one day dad will too? little little things are being observed and has triggered her curiosity.

3 years 8 months 2 weeks. we (che ches & i) will give you the answers slowly and you will have a full understanding as you grow up.

update 29 Feb 2012
evi again started - why daddy has a lot to do in heaven? when will he finish his work? is he handsome? is he cute? can i box his face?

then she asked me to open the window, so she can see daddy, she said i can see daddy in his friend's house or she can see him far off in the pink light with lions (her imagination is cute) or he is outside the house.

after talking a lot, she then closed the window and said thank you mommy for opening the window.