Wednesday, August 23, 2006

back to being elastigirl for a while more

arrrggggh!! so frus today...called the maid enquire why my maid application 3 mths also cannot "kau tim", chase and chase the they tell me...the maid not coming!! how la!! fuming mad!! now only say this, when i could have applied for another one and she would already be HERE! aiyoo...sooo StoooPIOD!

really need a kakak my hands all kasar from all the washing...not to mention the laundry! i think gotta ask laundryamah's help loh!

when ellisa is clinging like a koala, i cannot do anything...and when she wants to explore her drawers and cupboards, i cannot concentrate on washing, cleaning or tidying-up...and when i want to sweep, she wants the broom...i read, she wants to turn the pages. she's my little helper, just like erika. i also gotta thank God erika helps out to clean the glass doors and work tables and most of the time, put things back!

always having 5 children in a house is almost next to impossible to keep it clean...but still gotta try la.

i am fortunate that mom is more teror than elastigirl and is able to be on top of the whole messy, crazy, noiszy situation! if it was me, i think i would have gone cook-koo!

luckily a fren helped me get my maid - this time a christian one from a pastor! so no agent fees and 6 mths prepayment of salary...maybe this is a blessing in me money and maybe this maid is meant for my family! please God, i thank you for her and please send her fast.


MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo, with and without them also we mampus wan.... eeee geram nya..

LaundryAmah said...

aiya use gloves la! laundry send to dobi la...aiya dun save the $$ and give me industry a boost ma! kakakakaka..