Wednesday, August 16, 2006

mind games

well after erika's not-so funny outburst of sexual curiosity....i had to rope in the help of popo to probe and find out what she really knows about sex. of cos, i am happy to share with her about her body and her sexuality, well God made all of us sexual beings...or not how to procreate! i hope one day to see her children and hopefully her children's children...if i get to live that long.

but i also worry if she got the wrong message too!

so popo played a game with her...the game goes like this, if we name an object/event....then she has to name where she have seen goes

p: car
e: daddy's
p: fridge
e: kitchen

i am sure u get the after a while playing this game...popo said: sex...then erika said....mommy & was so funny to hear the quick response, that popo burst out laughing! the word does make us laugh!

alamak...what is this? sorry we're definitely not into flaunting our stuff in front of AnyOne...especially our where did she mean by sex then? our devil-vision is thankfully very well CenSored...we don't have any X video collections or books....

so i did some serious talk with her...what does she really mean by sex?...she said hugging and kissing la...
me: mom and dadday hug & kiss
e: sex
me: popo and kung kung
e: sex
me: yee ma & babu
e: sex

thank God...that's erika's this moment...i am sure there will be a time when she will need to know more than this!

she love her new word...who wouldn't when all it brings is lots of attention to her...especially from mommy!

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