Friday, August 04, 2006

puppy love

erika is lucky to witness 2 litter of puppies from rossie. she even took the puppies to kindy for "pets day" last June. She brought breezy to school as he was her favourite. Aunty su said that erika is very responsible and took a lot of care for the puppy...erika carried breezy for the whole day at school, as breezy was not happy to be stuck in his little crate...he was whining and trying hard to jump out of it...can't blame him as this was his first taste of bondage. during the show and tell, erika was so proud to tell her friends about breezy and her 4 other puppies at home.

we kept ringo and cropped his ears for cosmetic reasons...well, truthfully i will never crop another puppy's ear as it was a real torture for us to see him suffer. yes ringo looks great now...but to me floppy or cropped...i still love him! even if he is a real rascal most of the time.

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