Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ellisa just turn 1

my baby is now 1...i remember clearly the day she was born.

I was spotting a little on sat 23 july...but i told myself no worries...babies take a long time to come. so i made plans for a shopping trip with christine, my cousin and erika. we shopped in metro as they were closing down in Sect14, so we grab whatever goodies we could, then had tea at the kopi tiam. I could feel some cramps but took it easy.

at midnite, the pain came...usually i could sleep though anything, but not this...i was supprise that it kept me awake! i tried my best to sleep it out until sunday morning...but the cramps got i started timing the contractions...and to my surprise they were only a few minutes apart...i had no choice but to drag daddy up, who was trying to make a fuss for calling him out of his beauty sleep...we called popo & kongkong to come over..they were soo happy even though it was 3 something in the morning. We check-in into the hospital at 4 am...and to my dissapointment i was only 3cm dilated...oh boy! how long more to go lah! the first thing i call for was - epidural please...but unluckily for me i don't have that luxury due to my slipped disc....the doc gave me all the other pain management options...but it was downhill all the way from there....i thought i remember erika's labour was so much easier....

finally my little angel came and was i surprise - she was such a big big baby! 3.95kg and 52.5cm long....the first thing u did was scream and cried for a looooong time...both daddy and me was sooo surprise and that got us worried for a while. then the next thing that got us worried even more was the doc pointed out to us that you were happily sucking your thumb, and you were only out of mommy for less than 5 minutes!! daddy & me just stared at each other and in our minds we were saying...Oh lah...1 thumb sucker is enuff for the family...we don't need 2.

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