Thursday, August 03, 2006

school school school

was talking to laundryamah about our children and how we try our best to put them into the most reputable schools in the state. as for 1st priority is a school that is convenient for my dad - the self appointed chauffer for his grandchildren. well, of cos we didn't have that luxury when I was young - it was either the ugly yellow school bus or public transport...take it or leave it....or better still bus no. 11 (meaning ur own 2 legs).

as erika is only 4++, i still have one more year to relax before fighting for a place for her in the school of my choice. but of cos there are other schools to deal with currently as she also attends music and kindy. on one hand, was so worried that we don't expose her to other activities besides school to try and cultivate whatever talents or gifts that she might have "inherited" from the both of us! and on the other lazy to send her to all the extra classes and also worried that we may bog her down with too many scheduled lessons with no time for play.

now already thinking of starting a playgroup for ellisa when she turns 2, just like her che che erika, she too will be going to a playgroup to "learn to play". of cos, shall again appoint her mah mah to accompany ellisa and spend some quality time with her.

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LaundryAmah said...

Yes after talking to you and a few others, I've decided to try and transfer Kieran la..whatever it is, don't end up like me!