Thursday, August 03, 2006

the waiting game

it has been almost 3 weeks since our maid siti went home, after her contract expired...and we are still eagerly awaiting news of our new maid.

though i enjoy the house without having to share it with an "outsider", life has certainly been made much, much tougher with 2 little girls and 3 boxers to care for...and also a full-time job to hold down to. can't imagine how my mom took care of us when there was no help!! all i can say is she is SUPER! even now she is able to take care of 3 houses, 5 grandchildren, 6 children & children-in-laws & dad!! phew! on top of that she has her hand full with church activities...and she is still able to keep in touch and touch base with most of her school mates, ex-working colleagues, relatives...amazing la.

ok back to maid - our 1st maid was huri but erika was a little too young to appreciate her...luckily for siti, erika was almost 3 when she came and siti saw her grow up from diapers to a lady of 5. every night, erika will wish her - "terima kasih kakak siti, selamat malam kakak siti" before turning in for the night and doing her nightly routine of changing into her pj's and drinking a bottle of milo. siti also have a knack of tying erika's hair into all styles of braid from mermadia to fairy princesses. erika misses her very much and has been drawing little pictures and asking me to mail them to siti...ok will get to do it this weekend.

siti - being only 21 this year has a knack for all the latest tech gadget - handphone la, she even sms us from indonesia to tell us how much she appreciate the time she had with our family and wish us well...
well siti, we will definitely write and keep a close contact with you...

we hope you get a good life and a sales job search.

as for us we are still waiting for our new maid to come...wish you were here 3 weeks ago...

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flowsnow said...

Great pics - of the dog and the drawing.
I still remembered the incident when my kids for the first time touched an animal ie cat. The youngest 2 pulled it by its tail, pressed it's head while the eldest 4 kept on harassing it non stop.

I still remembered my eldest trying to draw his family. Too bad no colours or shape..just crooked lines and oh man..the face!!! Nice blog ....keep blogging.