Monday, August 14, 2006

like father like daughter

it was sunday, we were all getting ready for church...daddy was in the bathroom..suddenly we heard a loud..."ahhhh....s*&^" then he came out and said..."like father like daughter!!"

at first i didn't get what he meant by that...wasn't interested actually, was busy washing dishes and also making sure ellisa was not putting her hands into the dustbin (she thinks there are treasures to find!) or trying to take out something sharp from the drawers...remember - i have to be elastigirl, no kakak yet...anyway back to daddy...has he gone crazy...then he smile...oh...ya he was right....he had the same toot-less smile as erika. of cos i quicky took out the camera to record this. i asked erika to pose with daddy so that the picture would come in handy for the father-daughter-look-a-like contest! hehehe say cheezzeee darlings...biiiggg smile...

always have a ready camera with amicro sd never know when u need one.

definitely time for an emergency dentist visit.


LaundryAmah said...

alamak! did ur lo kung loose a tooth? how did that happen??

mommy of two angels said...

its his crown la...i think its about time to get a new tooth since its more than 10 yrs...or is it suppose to last 20 yrs?