Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the last morsel

last sunday after having lunch with yeh yeh, we went to margaret ku-ma's house. once erika step into the house, the preserved lemon rind in a tiny glass bottle instantly caught her eyes.

erika: mommy can i have the salty thing?
me: NO
ku-ma: ok can la
me: (aiyah) ok..just a very small piece

so erika was happily enjoying her small piece of morsel of about a cm square size...and she took her time to savour it.

As we were in ku-ma house for only about 10-15 min...when we left...erika was still clutching on and continued savouring the tiny piece in the car... she was sitting in the middle of the back seat and yakking with her daddy...very happy a frantic voice erika was almost crying...."daddy, where is my salty thing? move your hands and now my salty thing is gone" in tears already..."its all your fault, look for my salty thing for me...i have not finish have to find my salty thing"...daddy panicked as his drama queen is pushing all the right buttons. we looked everywhere in the car but a tiny morsel of whatever is left, is next to impossible to find!

as for me, i can't stop laughing and enjoyed the whole scene being acted out in front of me...of couse this added salt to erika's bruised emotions...she was not thrilled...and did what is expected...cry all the way home!


MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo, suin mui isit? oscar likes it too!! dont know why...

mommy of two angels said...

well, anything salty - she love...all forbidden food is yummy la