Friday, August 18, 2006

you are late

this is the sign we having been reading a lot this week at the door of erika's kindy...yes...we have been late maybe 4 out of 5 days in a row...bad record la! not good example but what to exausted...solly not from "erika new fave. word!".

the day starts like this...hurry up erika, we are late (a very common sentence used in the morning). so when we finally arrived at the kindy, we go to the locked door with the big sign saying "you are late"...we then have to press the bell and wait. yesterday, teacher jaimie came and open the door...then she asked "erika, why are you late?"....i think she was indirectly addressing the question to me...erika was acting blur (i have been informed by teacher carol that she is very good at this~drama queen, especially when it came to work time)...

i quickly step in to defend my poor darling's really not her fault..."sorry she is late, but erika's aunt from zurich is back, and her grand-uncle from hongkong is here and we also had a birthday party for aunt serena, so she had a lot of late nights". of cos she had lots of fun too. also informed her that erika will be away for 1 and 4 sept, as she's going to siem reap. i guess i also indirectly tell her, this is not going to be the last time we are late! of cos ...i quickly added...luckily next week is school holidays! consolation...i hope.

talking about the grand-uncle (yeh yeh's cousin), daddy is doing a family project on his family tree and was so happy to meet him, so that he may fill the tree with more roots! wow, grand-uncle already 80 but his memory is so good, he has meticulously kept a photo file of all the family members and even done a name-card style memo of the family. now that we have met him, we will definitely visit him when we are in hongkong and listen to his stories...i am sure erika & ellisa will love to hear them when they are older.

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