Tuesday, August 15, 2006

three letter word

ku ma is back from zurich with josh & zach...so we went to visit them at mamah house.

while in the house, erika was suddenly acting funny...she was "seducing!!" (i think i used this word correctly) josh while he was busy playing his gameboy. josh was too preoccupied with his game, he didn't even notice why erika was hugging him and pushing her body to his.

u can imagine the faces of all the adults! then this came out of her lips..."u wanna play sex?"

"WHAT?" that's was me shouting in my mind...of cos i have to calmly say..
me: erika, what do u mean by sex?
e: i dunno
me: why do you say it?
e: because it is funny, it makes you laugh
me: it's not funny, erika, we are not laughing...where did you learn it darling?
e: from the advertisement...
me: can you show me the advert...when you see it?
e: i don't see it anymore....

i think she sense that we are asking too many questions, and became defensive...and kept saying the best line..."i dunno, i dunno" so i leave the subject...will need to pursue it further at a less awkward time~

i also wonder...is she curious where babies come from?…i did tell her the facts where they come out from, not how they were made.

or is it the devil-vision! let me think of any tv shows that have some hot steamy scenes...the only one i could think of is...it could be that infamous tuesday nite show...that mom & dad watches and laughs non-stop...'desperate housewives'....aiyah...if it is...means i cannot watch it tonite unless she is fast asleep! another sacrifice…


MyLittleChampion said...

oh no! panic ledi... where did erika hear all these words? hmm, time to start sex edu with oscar liow...

LaundryAmah said...

aiya..should separate room leow!!!

mommy of two angels said...

hahaha...why so worried ah mah!

i actually let her watch "desperate H" with me on tuesday to see her reaction....so when it came to the "scene" she straight away...used her fave. word...so u know la...she relates it to being "hieaw" only.