Thursday, August 10, 2006

love letter?

love and hate...well erika is fortunate to have her 3 cousins to play with her everyday...and of course, conflict arises when you interact with people especially to siblings and close relatives. sure give no face wan...wat to do...see everyday woh! even though in "theory", we should treat them the best and appreciate them the most...but in "reality"...that's a different story...we try but our success rate is nothing to be proud of.

guess what i took up from the dustbin...a crumpled letter from jernwei to erika...though she can't fully read the contents..she can definitely guess it well.


Scott said...

Kids can say the darns thing

LaundryAmah said...

Waliau! That Jern Wei really terror la..but I like the picture he drew with the steam coming out...hahahhaha..

MyLittleChampion said...

well, i guessed this is the way now kids communicate gua.... but try to instill better morals in kids la... right or not?