Wednesday, August 02, 2006

erika's struggle

yesterday i received a call from erika's kindy teacher. the first thing that came to my mind was...oh no...what have she done this time? i hope they are not complaining that we have sent her late to school, which have been pretty frequent over the past week, since our new kakak (maid) has not arrived yet. I also hope that she has not been acting out in school...since she can be "drama" sometimes.

well, she called because erika had a little scrape on her knee in school, although they don't know how that happen...she said erika was sitting on the stage area and suddenly fell down...must have doze off doing school work!

thank was just a little scrape that a little band-aid could fix.

Well, since ellisa the baby arrived on July 24, 2005, erika's life have been full of challenges....she knows that her battle for mommy's full attention is losing battle...

i do try my best to cuddle her as much as i can but with a jealous one-year-old clamming for attention, 2 hands can't go very far.

thankfully, erika outgrown her milk drinking routine which goes like this:

me: please darling take out your thumb and your hand, please darling open your mouth, please darling close your mouth, please darling drink your nen nen....

if this mantra is not said...our little darling erika will go in a fits for her nen-nen routine.
note to self: not to start any mantras with ellisa

of cos, being the eldest - we made a lot of mistakes with her for example... thumb sucking...which looked so cute as a baby, thinking she will outgrow the habit in a year or 2....but we are still trying to psycho her to kill the habit...hopefully we are able to do it before she reach her 5th b'day in october.

here is a photo of erika on her 2nd birthday...happily sucking away...

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