Monday, August 28, 2006

wash car day

since it was so sizzling hot on sunday and the cars needed washing, dad decided to rope in the girls to help him coz he needs to be motivated to do a chore! this is the first car wash for the girls. usually this is done by kakak or the 1U carwash ~ no need to find parking in 1U mah, especially on a weekend or else daddy won't bring us there (his excuse la). and getting out bearings around the huge carpark is also a nite-mare.

erika was excited since this is a great time to play water! of cos it never register in her mind that this is going to be work...she quickly went up and changed into her shorts...something she never wears (vain mah! only wear dresses and skirts and pants - must be shiny ones!) and tee. ellisa just let her run out as she is - no need to change la...since end results is the same - soaking WET!

erika was in charge of spraying water on the cars...then dad took the hose and started spraying the girls...they love it, smiling and screaming and dancing in the man-made rain.


flowsnow said...

kids..they just love to get wet. Next time come over to my house and wash my cars la! LOL...and we can both get wet!

LaundryAmah said...

yah,,mine too!! kakakaa....