Monday, August 07, 2006

story from erika

since erika started her music lessons, she has been enjoying her classes more than her kindy...the school must have some secret formula and a very huge bank account. her music teacher's name is nicole...this is erika's account of what happened during her music class last week..

Teacher Nicole was late to class again….went up to class with popo, ellisa & sean sean…no one was there…then went down stairs…still not here, went upstairs…was still not here....went down stairs again…still not here, went upstairs…still not here....Then when nicole came in her red car - i saw her red know she got a red car, Popo scolded her…after that we went to class…then Nicole stick out her tongue at me…then I laughed!

Today she was early!

erika is eager to play the piano & will be having her first small little concert this saturday in her class. will need to get her a piano soon!!


LaundryAmah said...

Ya lar..get the piano quick! Aiya that Nicole needs a spanking la! Remember talk to Ann!

mommy of two angels said...

ok laundryamah

any idea where i can get sponsors for the piano?