Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hugs & kisses

a conversation with daddy.

d: erika, why are you so reluctant to kiss yeh yeh and ma mah these days?
e: what is reluctant?
d: it means don't really like la. why you act like this(make body like a limp sotong) when you give them a hug.
e: i'm tiiiiiiired ma (paused thinking very hard) why don't you kiss them? they are your daddy and mommy. we are family
d: ehh..i am an adult
e: adult also can kiss what...

erika got a point! what happened to us? when did we grow out of kissing and hugging our parents. well, we do it on special occasions but is that enough? i think we tend to substitute our embrace with our children's.


MyLittleChampion said...

you are right. we only hug and kiss our own kids now. we dont even hug and kiss our own hubby!! we being asians la. our way of showing our love is diff...haha erika so funnie!

flowsnow said...

I still hug my folks..or at least my mum. dad....duh!!! Uncomfortable. PIL.....in my nightmares! LOL. I don't even hug or kiss my own hubby these days..
Your kid is soooooooooo cute. :D

mommy of two angels said...

why so teruk...okla..u don't hug hubby...but then he must hug u la.

LaundryAmah said...

hahaha this is so funny! slap on ur hubby's face! ya lar parents of our generation where got hug hug one..eeee..dats why we should cultivate this with our kids but now my son also like limp sotong la when i ask him to hug me,,so irrrritating....dun tell me it grows out with age,,,yikes!